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Mentorn Media was in the planning stages for Series 1 of the new Robot Wars shoot arranging the ideal film location in a vast industrial warehouse in Paisley.


Purvis Marquees were approached to advise on and arrange many of the location facilities for crew and welfare.


A large marquee was installed as the crew canteen with a catering trailer located inside the marquee and fixed directly into the concrete surface below. Attached to the side of the canteen structure was a toilet structure with luxury toilet trailers.


A facility that could accommodate a large production crew over a month of filming during the winter with trying weather conditions. Flooring installed around a catering van and toilet units.

Mentorn Media is one of the longest established and most trusted providers of television content in the UK.

Since 1985, Mentorn has made thousands of hours for broadcasters, both in the UK and worldwide, from two main production hubs in London and Glasgow.

Mentorn prides itself on building strong relationships of trust with institutions, government departments, businesses and members of the public and stand by our blue-chip credentials.


Mentorn Media was in the planning stages of series one Robot Wars and had found an ideal location for filming in a vast disused warehouse in Paisley. The location did not have enough internal room for many of the crew facilities, so they decided to source temporary structures to be installed in the surrounding grounds.

Purvis Marquees was approached to provide advice on suitable structures to accommodate crew welfare facilities.

The layout was based on a 15m x 30m crew canteen with door and ramp access at each end, one to allow for registration and the other for direct access between the structure and main building. The raised flooring system was constructed in such a way that a catering unit was contained within the marquee. Rows of tables and chairs were provided for the crew to eat. Connected to the side of the canteen was a toilet marquee with access between the two buildings and contained within were two large luxury toilet units built into the flooring system. The toilet units were installed through the back wall of the marquee. 

As production developed there were changes to the design, the Project Management team worked closely with other site contractors to ensure that the installation and enhancements were carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Over several years there were three series of Robot Wars filmed with various changes to structures, facilities and layouts.

A great relationship and support network was struck up between both the client and marquee teams which led to other location contracts including ‘The Wife’ and ‘Trainspotting 2’.


It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and we were really happy with everything. Moreover, if there’s a series 2 I’ll know to not accidentally cancel the toilet tents!

All the best,


(Robot Wars 2016)

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0131 335 3685

(24 Hour - Emergency Contact)


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