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Are you the event manager of a Stately home, castle, historic building or country hotel? If you are planning an event at one of these types of venues Purvis can and will support you.

With a royal warrant and the experience of working at royal residences such as Buckingham Palace, Balmoral and the Palace of Holyroodhouse Purvis have learned over the years to be very sensitive to the needs of these types of environments.

These venues often have beautifully cut lawns and priceless garden sculptures that are always considered and protected by our teams. Purvis take great care to ensure everything is left as they find it. An example: always sweeping the lawns with magnets to ensure no stray nut or bolt are left behind.

The work on events at these types of venues has been for 40 and up to 5000 people!

With the Purvis length of service and the connections in the event industry, they supply a lot more than marquees for your events.  They are in the fortunate position of being able to organise everything you need, from simple flooring to intricately designed theatrical interiors. Every concept is given careful consideration and is planned in great detail, bigger projects also benefit from full CAD design graphics to help you fully visualise your event.

Distance is never an issue, country hotels and historic buildings can often be found in out-of-the-way areas, Purvis have managed event projects all over Scotland, the UK and internationally.

So if you are thinking about planning an event for your venue our teams are the people to have on board.