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A Quick Guide to Planning Your Outdoor Event with Purvis Marquee Hire

Hello, event managers and organisers! Planning an outdoor event in the UK can be a fantastic venture, as you will find it also comes with its unique challenges and considerations. The following list is an overview rather than definitive, it should however cover some of the basics and things to look out for.

Whether it’s a festival, corporate gathering, or charity fundraiser, you want your event to be a memorable success. With Purvis Marquee Hire by your side, we’ll take you through the process, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Step 1: Define Your Vision

Before diving into the logistics, it’s crucial to define your event’s vision. Who’s your audience? What atmosphere are you aiming for? Once you have a clear vision, you can start addressing the practical aspects.

Step 2: Venue Selection

Choosing the perfect outdoor venue is paramount. Ensure it’s accessible to all attendees, including those with mobility challenges. Our marquees can be customised to accommodate wheelchair access ramps, making your event inclusive for everyone. Purvis have worked with most of the castles and large houses around Scotland and the north of England, so we can often help securing or introducing you to the owners.

Step 3: Health and Safety

Safety is a top priority. Consider first aid training or designate individuals responsible for handling medical emergencies. Purvis Marquee Hire can guide you on emergency exits, fire safety, and crowd control. We want everyone to enjoy your event safely.

Step 4: Power Supply

Don’t leave your event in the dark! Plan for a reliable power supply. Purvis Marquee Hire offers generator rentals to ensure seamless operations for lighting, audio-visual setups, and other electrical needs.

Step 5: On-Site Communications

Depending on the size of your site and event it’s often a good idea to stay connected with portable radios. Effective communication among your team is essential for coordinating various aspects of the event. Purvis Marquee Hire can assist with radio rentals for smooth, real-time communication.

Step 6: Parking Arrangements

Consider parking logistics for your subcontractors and attendees. Ensure there’s ample parking space and clear signage. Efficient parking management can greatly enhance the guest experience.

Step 7: Audio-Visual & Lighting

Create a captivating atmosphere with audio-visual setups and lighting. Purvis Marquee Hire offers a range of equipment to elevate the ambiance and provide a memorable experience for your guests.

Step 8: Budget Management

Effective budget management is key. Keep a detailed record of expenses and income to ensure you stay on track. Purvis Marquee Hire can provide transparent cost estimates for our services, helping you manage your budget effectively.

Step 9: Furniture and Tent Linings

Enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your event with stylish furniture and tent linings. Our selection of furnishings and linings can transform your marquee into a luxurious and inviting space.

Step 10: Stage, Dance Floors, and Staging

Entertainment is essential for any event. Set up stages, dance floors, and staging areas to showcase performances and presentations. Purvis Marquee Hire can assist with stage setups tailored to your event’s needs.

Step 11: Food Preparation and Refrigeration

Ensure smooth food preparation with the right equipment. Consider refrigeration for drinks and snacks to keep them fresh throughout the event. Hygiene and food safety are paramount.

Step 12: DJ Equipment

For music and entertainment, you’ll need top-notch DJ equipment. Purvis Marquee Hire will introduce you to audio equipment rentals to keep the party going.

Step 13: Climate Control

The UK weather can be unpredictable. Prepare for it with heating or cooling equipment. Our climate control solutions ensure your guests remain comfortable, no matter the weather.

Step 14: Security

Safety extends to security. Implement security lighting and equipment to safeguard your event. Our team can advise on the best security measures for your specific event.

Step 15: Phone Charging Stations & Onsite Wifi

In today’s connected world, phone charging is a good idea. Set up convenient phone charging stations so attendees can stay connected and capture memorable moments.

Planning an outdoor event in the UK involves meticulous attention to detail. With Purvis Marquee Hire, you have a reliable partner who can assist with all your event needs, from marquee setup to equipment rentals. Let’s work together to create an unforgettable outdoor experience for your guests. We’ve got you covered, so you can focus on making your event a resounding success!