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As I reflect on the journey of Purvis Marquees, I’m reminded that the melody of a music event is not just in its performances but also in the symphony of its organisation. Our expertise is the backdrop to many of the crescendos that the live music industry has experienced. For us at Purvis Marquees, the thrill of transforming an initial concept into a full-fledged music festival or an intimate outdoor concert is the motivation that drives us.

Our Management Team is composed of maestros, each with years of experience orchestrating the complexities of live music events. With such a rich legacy in servicing the industry, we pride ourselves on being able to hit the ground running, adeptly supporting our clients through every stage of their event. Whether you are a promoter with a vision, a marketer aiming to dazzle, or a caterer wanting to delight, we are perfectly tuned to manage the entire concert or lend our expertise to just a part of it.

Imagine the scene: merchandising marquees bustling with fans, JAC operations tents buzzing with logistics, and production villages alive with creativity. Bars, BOS areas such as back of stage, VIP lounges, and Green Rooms, not to mention retail and hospitality villages, are all elements we have delivered with precision and passion. The complexity of an outdoor concert or music festival is like a complex piece of music, and with our meticulous planning processes, we do not just perform, we excel under the pressures this brings.

Our portfolio sings with the names of some of the biggest artists and most prestigious events and festivals. We’ve been the unseen stagehands to stars like Elton John and The Rolling Stones and have been part of the fabric of festivals such as Wickerman, Rockness, and The Tartan Heart Festival. These experiences have not only defined our expertise but also enriched our connections within the events industry.

Beyond the marquees that house thousands of shared moments, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that every aspect of your event is in harmony. With our heritage and extensive network, we are in a unique position to orchestrate everything you need, managing the entire process with finesse and attention to detail. Our reach is as boundless as our ambition; while our roots are firmly planted in Scotland, our services resonate throughout the UK and echo across international borders.

Our Management Team, though small, operates with the dedication of a hands-on ensemble, ensuring that from the first day of planning to the final note of your event, an experienced manager will be on-site, conducting your event infrastructure and harmonising with the site crews.

At Purvis Marquees, we stand by our reputation for friendly and efficient service. We are problem solvers at heart, and our track record is a testament to our ability to address and adapt to the unpredictable dynamics of live events. We understand the nuances of this industry, and just like a well-composed piece of music, we aim for each event to be a masterpiece of memories, perfectly pitched and expertly executed.

In the symphony of event planning, Purvis Marquees is the conductor, ensuring each section plays in time, every instrument is tuned, and the entire performance is nothing short of spectacular. For your next event, entrust us with the baton, and we will craft an experience that resonates with your audience and remains a high note in your memory.