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Event managers tasked with the demanding role of coordinating large outdoor sports events, we are firmly of the belief that the devil is in the detail. Here are some valuable points from Purvis Marquee Hire to ensure your event is as seamless as it is spectacular:

  1. Early Planning is Key: Begin your planning process as early as possible. Engage with experienced partners like Purvis Marquee Hire who can anticipate needs and offer solutions tailored to the complexity of large sports events. Some of ours are 18months in the planning.
  2. Comprehensive Site Survey: Conduct a thorough site survey with your marquee provider to identify the best locations for installation, considering factors such as ground conditions, accessibility, and space requirements for each unit and marquee.
  3. Customised Marquee Design: Use our expertise to help design marquees that cater to different functions – from hospitality and VIP areas to athlete changing rooms and medical stations, all can be customised with bespoke finishes and branding.
  4. Integrated Facilities Management: Ensure that the marquees are fully serviced with power, lighting, heating, and other essentials. Purvis can coordinate these logistics, offering a full package that integrates all facilities management needs.
  5. Weather Contingency Plans: Always have a backup plan for adverse weather conditions. Purvis’ experience means we’re adept at providing robust marquees and quick solutions to weather-related challenges. We’ve never lost one to high winds yet.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Work with your marquee provider to ensure that all structures comply with safety regulations, including fire safety, structural integrity, and emergency exits. We can help guide you through this.
  7. Efficient Crowd Movement: Plan the layout of the marquees to facilitate efficient and safe movement of crowds. Consider the flow between different areas, such as from ticketing to hospitality to viewing stands.
  8. Branding Opportunities: Take advantage of the branding opportunities that marquees offer. Purvis can provide advice on how to effectively use this space for sponsor visibility and event branding.
  9. On-Site Support: Ensure you have dedicated on-site support from your marquee provider throughout the event. Purvis prides itself on offering experienced managers who coordinate with site crews for smooth operations.
  10. Post-Event Analysis: After the event, conduct a debrief with your marquee provider to discuss what worked well and what can be improved for future events. This will help refine the planning and execution process.

Purvis Marquee Hire is not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in creating events that resonate with the thrill of sport and the joy of an impeccably managed occasion.