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You maybe know that we have a division of Purvis Marquees dedicated to modular and efficient building design, both temporary and semi-permanent. Purvis Structures  posted a short video clip showing the type of work they are commissioned to do:

Purvis Structures are constructing a flexible building in a fraction of the time it takes to build a permanent structure. And what’s more, because we are based in Scotland we are used to sustained torrential rain, howling gales and heavy snow-fall. Our material tolerance levels are the best on the market and consistently tested to provide best of class. 

The world of modular construction revolves around the thesis that certain parts and or elements can be reused to maximise efficiency, reduce waste and provide a more cost-effective solution. Whilst this is true, the elements that take the strain and are put under the most stress will always be new.

Modular construction or “efficient” building design are the reason we support rapidly expanding warehouse, aircraft hangar, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) retail storage as well as large construction projects. Our work in the farming community is well documented and not just working at agricultural shows!

If we are requested to provide a quote, you will always receive a site visit to ensure every element has been considered. Assessing topography, fast flowing rivers, wind tunnels and exposed sites are where we specialise which inevitably means “safe” sites are well catered for.

As a point of contact feel free to get in touch with James (see link below) to chat anything through. We have numerous case studies and customers that we can put you in touch with to hear how we work.