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Maybe you’ve organised conferences in bustling hotels and intimate gatherings in chic westend rooftop bars. Consider an elegant marquee tent, surrounded by nature’s grandeur, it always leaves an incredible impression when done right.

People often underestimate the power of events. In our digital world, where Zoom meetings and online conferences have become the norm, the idea of gathering in-person seems almost archaic. But you will find that in-person meetings, with all the smiles, handshakes, and yes, even the awkward pauses, that create the deepest connections.

In the psychological sphere, this is sometimes referred to as “embodied cognition,” a theory that suggests our environment impacts our thought processes (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

Picture this: Guests arrive at the marquee to be greeted by lush greenery and the gentle murmur of a nearby stream. The air is thick with excitement. People are tactile creatures. We crave the feeling of different textures under our fingertips, the sensation of different terrains underfoot.

This particular outdoor setting offers a multi-sensory experience that no virtual event could replicate. The softness of the carpet, the rustling leaves, and even the occasional bird joining your playlist or live music.

The University of Minnesota’s research shows that being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces stress and increases emotional well-being (University of Minnesota). Who wouldn’t want their guests to feel that?

And let’s not forget about the marquee itself. These aren’t your average tents; they are epitomes of luxury and functionality. From providing shade to housing top-notch AV equipment, the marquee is a chameleon that transforms according to your needs.

Purvis Marquee Tent Hire offer a variety of choices that can be customised down to the last detail. This gives you the freedom to create an event that is uniquely ‘you,’ enhancing brand image and customer loyalty.

Your event can also offer boundless opportunities for interactive marketing. Interactive marketing is more effective than any billboard or social media ad, as proven by studies that show consumers prefer brands they’ve interacted with at events (Event Marketer).

By allowing your brand to inhabit the same space as your attendees—literally—you can engage them in ways you never thought possible. Sponsors often find innovative ways to showcase their products. There can be QR codes embedded in flower arrangements or even a virtual reality booth where guests can “travel” to a tropical island. But what will touch attendees the most will be the sense of community that is built.

Faces that had been pixels on a screen turn into friends sharing a meal or an Uber back into town. A local chef could showcase sustainable farming through a farm-to-table buffet, which would strike a chord with everyone.

An event like this will function as a catalyst for larger conversations that extend beyond the perimeters of the marquee.

I’d like to argue that if you want your brand, your message, or your community to resonate with people, then invest in events—particularly those that break the mould and challenge the status quo. Because in a world that’s increasingly virtual, real-life experiences stand out. And when done right, they’re unforgettable. So the next time you’re planning an event, consider the extraordinary power of a marquee set against nature’s backdrop. Trust me; it will be a story worth telling.