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Ah, trade shows! The buzzing energy of entrepreneurs, the sparkle of shiny new products, and the hum of networking—all within a bustling space. But what if we told you that your next trade show could be something more than just a bunch of stalls in a hall?

Imagine a realm where possibilities are limitless, creativity knows no bounds, and your event could be as fantastical as your dreams. Welcome to the magical world of Purvis Marquee Hire, where we bring that extra sprinkle of stardust to make your event stand out!

The Grandeur of Choices

We get it. Your business is unique, and you want your trade show space to reflect that. But where to start? Enter our treasure trove of marquee styles! With us, you’re not just renting a space; you’re setting the stage for your brand’s story to unfold.

  • Do you need a minimalist yet spacious setup? Behold our Clearspan marquees, which range from a cosy 3m wide to an expansive 31m.
  • For those who appreciate the beauty in details, our Pagoda style marquees are a sight to behold. With over 100 to choose from, these can stand alone like towering castles or link together to form a whimsical row of connected domains.
  • Or Italian elegance! Our Barbieri marquees give your event that luxurious Mediterranean touch. And let’s not forget the classic Century Tents, which blend tradition and modernity to create a timeless setting.

The Icing on the Cake

All right, you’ve chosen your marquee. It’s like finding Cinderella’s glass slipper—only the beginning of the fairy tale. Now it’s time for the real fun to start!

We offer an array of finishing touches to make your marquee a home away from home—or, let’s be honest, even better than home.

  • Glazing: Ever wondered what it feels like to walk on a cloud?
  • Our carpeting options might be the closest you’ll get!
  • Furnishings: A regal throne or a casual bean bag—we have seating solutions that cater to all moods and themes.
  • Staging: For those attention-grabbing presentations and jaw-dropping product launches.
  • Stalls and Linings: Spice up the atmosphere with elegant stalls for your products and sumptuous linings that make your marquee visually stunning.

And that’s not all. Need something custom? Our bespoke offerings—ranging from shell schemes to themed zones and production lighting—allow you to conjure a realm of your own within the marquee. With the flick of a wand (or, more accurately, a consult with our team), your vision transforms into a tangible, electrifying space. The Whole Nine Yards (And Then Some!)

At Purvis Marquee Hire, we’re not just about marquees; we’re about creating experiences. So, it doesn’t stop at the tent and the trimmings. We’ve also got your back with all the logistical must-haves like lighting and power. And remember, our team is always there to guide you, inspire you, and even share a good laugh.

Unleash Your Imagination with Purvis

Our marquees are more than just fabric and poles. They are realms of imagination, canvases for your creativity, and springboards for your success. So why settle for an ordinary trade show when you can have a Purvis-powered extraordinary one?

Get ready to turn that humdrum event into a spectacle of awesomeness. Let’s create magic together. Ready to be amazed? Contact us now!

Or View a Case Study of one we’ve done before.