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With over fifty years in the marquee industry, we’ve mastered the transformation of empty spaces into vibrant venues for large-scale, outdoor events.

Effective Planning for Multi-Site Events

Designing for multi-site events requires more than just putting up a series of tents. It’s about creating a coherent environment where each location is connected yet distinct. The key to success lies in understanding the flow of people and the purpose of each space.

  • Site Layout: Start with a detailed map of the event area. Mark out where each marquee will go, considering the natural flow of the terrain and the main paths attendees will use. The goal is to ensure smooth movement between marquees without bottlenecks.
  • Functionality: Each marquee should serve a specific purpose. Whether it’s a VIP area, a dining space, or a stage for performances, its placement should reflect its function. For example, quieter zones should be set apart from loud music areas, and dining areas should be conveniently located near food preparation tents.
  • Integration: Ensure all areas feel part of a single, unified event. This can involve thematic decorations, consistent signage, and similar architectural styles across all marquees. Integration enhances the attendee’s experience, making the event feel seamlessly orchestrated.

Mastering Marquee Setup

A marquee is more than a temporary structure; it’s the main venue for your event’s activities. Here’s how to get the most out of your marquee setup:

  • Weather Consideration: Always prepare for unpredictable weather. We ensure all marquees are waterproof and weighted against wind. Plan the layout so that any sudden weather changes can be managed without disrupting the event.
  • Lighting and Acoustics: Think about the time of the event. Will you need lighting inside the marquees? How will sound travel? Position speakers and lights strategically to enhance the atmosphere and ensure that all attendees can hear and see clearly, no matter where they are inside the marquee.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Safety is paramount. Ensure that all safety equipment is accessible, and emergency exits are clearly marked and unobstructed. Accessibility should also be considered to accommodate all guests, including those with disabilities. Paths should be flat or ramped, and marquee entrances wide enough to allow for easy access.

Embracing Sustainability in Event Design

Sustainability is integral to modern event planning. Here’s how we ensure our practices are environmentally friendly:

  • Materials: Use recyclable or biodegradable materials for decorations and build materials. Choose suppliers who share a commitment to sustainability.
  • Waste Management: Plan for effective waste management. Have designated recycling bins around the site and ensure they are emptied and managed properly throughout the event.
  • Land Impact: Consider the impact of your event on the land. Use protective coverings to minimize damage to the grass and avoid areas with delicate ecosystems. After the event, ensure the site is left as it was found, or better.

At Purvis, we view every empty space as an opportunity. We bring decades of experience, not just in setting up structures, but in crafting memorable, efficient, and sustainable events. Whether it’s a multi-site event/festival or a large-scale corporate function, we are equipped to handle the complexities and transform any landscape into a brilliant venue.

With thoughtful design and strategic planning, any space can be transformed into an extraordinary event experience.