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This morning, as the sun began to chase away the last remnants of Edinburgh’s morning mist, our team found ourselves not amidst the familiar canvas and frames of our marquees but within the innovative embrace of the new Port of Leith Distillery. The event, hosted by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, was not just a networking opportunity but a classroom without borders for us.

In the events industry, it’s easy to become ensconced within our own worlds, our own events. Yet, there’s a certain magic, an invaluable learning that happens when we step out to attend events hosted by others, especially those that seem galaxies away from the grassy fields and sprawling estates we’re accustomed to outfitting. The Port of Leith Distillery event was one such experience.

Why, you might wonder, would a team known for its distinguished role in providing marquees for the UK’s largest outdoor events spend their morning in a distillery? The answer lies in our mission at Purvis Marquee Hire: to be the problem-solving physical infrastructure specialists that every outdoor event specialist needs in their team. To fulfill this mission, we believe in looking beyond our immediate surroundings, drawing inspiration and learning from a broader spectrum of events that dot the UK’s rich tapestry of gatherings.

The distillery, with its sleek design and innovative use of space, offered us a plethora of insights. The way light filtered through the glass, the orchestration of the visitor’s journey from entrance to tasting room, the integration of history with modernity – every element was a lesson in creating memorable experiences.

But how does this translate to the grand outdoor events we are known for, you ask? Imagine a marquee setup that not only provides shelter but tells a story, where the placement of each pole, the curve of every canvas, speaks to the event’s theme and purpose. This is the future we envision for Purvis, a future where our marquees are not just structures but experiences, inspired by the diverse world of events around us.

This morning’s excursion to the Port of Leith Distillery underscored a fundamental truth about our industry: inspiration is everywhere. The challenge, and our commitment, is to harness this inspiration, transforming it into innovative marquee solutions for large-scale outdoor events. Whether it’s a multi-site music festival or a sprawling corporate retreat, we’re poised to bring a touch of the extraordinary to every event we’re a part of.

As event professionals specialising in monumental outdoor gatherings, we invite you to join us in this journey of continuous learning and innovation. Our visit to the distillery was a reminder that the best ideas often come from the most unexpected places. 

As we reflect on today’s lessons and look towards tomorrow’s events, we’re reminded that in the world of events, every experience is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to create something truly unforgettable. 

Remember, the next time you find yourself at an event, any event, take a moment to look around. You might just find the inspiration for your next great project. Who knows? The key to your next successful event could be hidden in the details of another’s.